• Airport Transport on May 26

    We will arrange small shuttle vans on May 26 (Saturday) to pick up people from the Tao-Yuan International Airport (TPE) to the hotels/Venue at 7AM, 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM and 7PM.

    These are small vans so we need to have a precise headcount for each ride. In the next few days, we will post a passenger list for each van ride on the website, based on the flight information you provided to us. However, if you want to cancel the ride or change to a different time please notify us before May 21.

    For those who are not able to catch these vans we apologise for the inconvenience. Please refer to the conference website for details of other cost-effective options to get from the airport to Academia Sinica and the designated hotels ( .

    After the meeting ending, we plan to provide a charter bus service from Academia Sinica and the designated hotels to Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). Buses will leave at 9AM, 11AM, 1PM and 5PM on Thursday May 31 from Academia Sinica and will make stops at the designated hotels shortly thereafter. Sign-up sheets for these buses will be available at the registration desk.


The XXII International Poxvirus, Asfarvirus and Iridovirus Conference will be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan from 26th May (arrival and reception) to 31st May (departure). Conference sessions will begin on the morning of 27th May and end with a banquet on the evening of 30th May.

The conference will bring together research scientists from around the world to share and discuss their latest findings on viruses within the Poxvirus, Asfarvirus and Iridovirus families—all of which are large DNA viruses that replicate in the cytoplasm of host cells. Some of these viruses have long been known to cause human and animal diseases and others have been modified for use as vectors for vaccinations or oncolytic agents to treat cancers.

The conference will cover various topics including virus entry, gene expression, DNA replication and virus assembly, genomics and proteomics, virus assembly and trafficking, viral structural biology, virus-host interactions, viral immunity and pathogenesis, therapeutics, vector and vaccine development, and oncolytic viruses in cancers. Conference participants are welcome to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations at the meeting. Registration and abstract submission will be open soon.​​​​​


  • Late Registration Deadline                                             23:59 (GMT+8), April 26, 2018
  • Conference Date                                                                  May 26-31, 2018 
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